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My name is Reba, and I breed AKC-Champion bloodline Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies.

My husband and I started breeding dogs over 35 years ago, and the Cavaliers have become our favorites by far! These are beautiful, sweet dogs with great personalities and impeccable bloodlines. We generally have several litters of puppies for sale each year.

If you’re interested in adopting one of our sweet puppies, read our Policies, visit our Puppies page, or Contact Us with any questions you may have. We love talking about our puppies, but not as much as we love getting others hooked on our favorite breed!

About the Breed

Our AKC-Champion bloodline Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies come with the following:

  • AKC registration papers
  • Health certificate & medical record from our vet
  • Up to date on vaccinations and dewormings
  • Microchipped
  • Collar, blanket & toy
  • Starter supply of puppy food

Contact Us for details

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Me. I’ll do my best to answer all of your questions. I strive to breed the healthiest, most beautiful Cavalier puppies possible.

Cavalier Fact:

Do Cavalier King Charles Spaniels shed? This is one of the questions that I am asked most often. The Cavalier is a moderate shedder. They do have a single coat, which means less fur. If you keep them brushed 3 to 4 times a week you can keep their shedding at bay and their hair from tangling. My experience with my own cavaliers as far as shedding has been very little hair. My female cavaliers will shed lots of hair after each litter. My male sheds very little as well as my females when they are not nursing puppies. I personally believe that diet and good vitamins has a lot to do with how much they shed.


My experience with Reba was absolutely fantastic and we have the most perfect pup now as an addition to our family. I stumbled across Reba through a Cavalier Facebook page. She was super quick to respond and answered all my questions thoroughly. I instantly knew she breeds dogs out of love for the breed and every reference I chatted with said the same.

Once I picked our pup, she updated me weekly with photos and videos and continued to be quick to respond to any and all questions I had. We picked up our little girl at eight weeks old and ended up spending an hour at Reba and Gordon’s home playing with all the other puppies! Their home is clean and there is so much space dedicated to all the dogs and puppies. I would highly recommending getting a cavalier from Reba and I know if another is in our future, we will go back. Waffles is in perfect health, is friendly, amazing with kids and has been easy to train. We couldn’t ask for a better dog!

— Ai A. from St. Louis, MO

Our beautiful Benjamin is our first Cavalier. We are in love with him. Reba has been so wonderful to us, answering all of our questions and giving us advice. Benjamin is a healthy and happy puppy and has given us so much joy. We look forward to getting another Cavalier from Reba soon.

— Veronica S. from Georgetown, SC

I got a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Reba Sanders about 18 months ago. I was so happy with my puppy that I got from her I had to get another one July this year. She is a very awesome lady and I would recommend her anytime to anyone. She takes very good care of her babies and puts lots of effort and love in it. You can tell… The babies are happy, healthy and well socialized and she is very god in communication with pics and updates of the puppies while in her care. Thank you for everything Grandma Reba.

— Martina M. from Colorado Springs, CO

In August 2018 our lives were changed forever. We arranged to purchase our puppy, Cassie from Reba Sanders. We originally met Reba on social media and we corresponded through email. We made plans to meet her with mama and three puppies. We immediately felt comfortable with Reba and her husband. They took the time to educate us and provide health documentation on both parents of the three puppies. We highly recommend Reba is a responsible breeder and was accommodating when making arrangements to take our puppy home. Cassie is the light of our lives and is beautiful, smart, loving and is very healthy.

–Signed by happy parents of Cassie, Rick and Cindy White

I lost my beloved first Cavalier June 2018. Heartbroken I searched many locations for puppies. I wasn’t until I reached out to Reba and Gordon Sanders that I had hope-and promise. She spoke of how her babies were raised and cared for and when next puppies were due. Always answered my endless questions, sent me pictures and updates. She also made a trip half way to meet me so the puppy did not have to fly.

My baby Ginger came with a beautiful file filled with appropriate certificates, health info, shot record and puppy food. Reba even gifted us with her scented family blanket and a couple of toys. I LOVE my baby girl!!! She will not be a year old till after Christmas, but she has given the love of a lifetime. I also enjoy Reba’s enthusiasm when I sent her puppy updates and mile stones and even helped me through worries about her care.

–Melissa in Texas

I bought a puppy from Reba a little over a year ago, she was the easiest person to deal with on purchasing, working with her for 8 weeks until I picked my puppy up from her. Best person to deal with… I’d recommend her to anyone.

–Kerrie in Michigan

About the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I have absolutely fallen in love with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed – The forever puppy face and the loyalty of these little love sponges just can’t be beat!

They are a toy breed and range from 13 to 18 pounds when grown. Even though they are a small dog, they love to run and play, go hiking and swim. Always keep your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on a leash, the hunting nature of these little dogs will have them chasing every bird, butterfly or leaf that crosses their path. These spaniels love a good belly rub and to snuggle up to you so they can lavish you with hugs and kisses. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel does well with all ages, from infants to the elderly — they just love people. They usually do not bark a lot, so if you are looking for a watch dog the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will not be the best choice. Shedding varies, some do shed a lot while others only shed a minimum amount.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel does not like being left alone and can become very anxious if left for long periods of time without a companion dog. So if you are considering a Cavalier, please be sure that you will not be leaving your puppy alone for long periods of time. Also, you might want to consider a companion dog if you do not already have dogs in your family.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is so easy to fall in love with. However, like other breeds, they can come with some possible health risks. Mitra valve heart disease is a very common condition of the cavalier, causing the valve in their heart to thicken and deteriorate, which makes it work overtime. Also, they can have luxating patellas (loose knee caps) which affects about 20% of cavaliers. We try to guard against these issues in our puppies and have all of our breeding dogs OFA certified for heart and patellas, as well as annual health checks at the vet. All of our puppies are checked by our veterinarian before leaving us.

Whether you are looking for a therapy dog or just a pet to brighten up your home, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will bring you lots of joy for years to come!

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