Reba’s Puppies wants you to be completely satisfied with the purchase of your new puppy.

You will receive the following guarantee with your puppy. You will receive a 24 hour guarantee on the health of your puppy, beginning on the date you receive your puppy. This guarantee is for infectious diseases such as parvo, distemper, etc. Parasites and menial sickness are excluded from this guarantee as they can be difficult to diagnose. If you are having your puppy shipped, please be aware that your puppy may be exposed to all diseases and parasites. This is a risk taken if you choose to have your puppy shipped. If a diagnosis of sickness is made, contact seller immediately. Seller must agree to all medicine and veterinarian care otherwise buyer will be responsible for all charges. Your puppy will be taken to the vet for a complete checkup and will be up to date on all age appropriate shots and deworming. I recommend you do a follow up with your vet within the first 24 hours (at buyers expense) to have your puppy checked. No vet bills or medications will be paid for by the seller unless agreed upon between the vet and the seller. If for some reason the puppy should die within the first 48 hours of the time you receive your puppy you must have it diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian and overnight it back to the seller so that sellers vet may perform an autopsy.

You will receive a 0ne-year hereditary guarantee beginning on the purchase date of the puppy. The guarantee is for life threatening congenital defect such as MVD heart disease, lung disease, and liver failure. Seller requires that your puppy be diagnosed by two different veterinary hospitals before replacement of another puppy is issued. Any puppy with the above conditions will be replaced on these conditions: The replacement will be same sex and breed and dollar value. If the only pup available at the time is of a higher dollar value, buyer may pay the difference to the seller and have the puppy or wait for a puppy of the same value. If a replacement puppy is not available at the time, seller promises to provide one as soon as it becomes available. If the original puppy is still alive the buyer must return the puppy within one week of the diagnosis of the defect at buyers expense. If the puppy is not returned within one week of diagnosis or if the buyer decides to keep the puppy the replacement puppy guarantee is VOID. There will be no cash refunds for puppies, shipping, or buyers bills. Seller does not guarantee any puppy against illness after puppy leaves sellers care. Shots, deworming must be kept up to date with records or this agreement is NULL and VOID. No veterinary bills incurred after puppy leaves sellers care will be paid by seller. STRICTLY ENFORCED by seller. All shipping expenses incurred will be at the expense of the seller. If defect is found in the original puppy, seller agrees to pay for shipping of replacement puppy.

It is very important to keep your puppy on a good puppy food and vitamins. Seller requires that you keep your puppy on Nu Vet vitamins as part of this health agreement to make sure your puppy has the supplements needed. Also, get your puppy set up on a good vaccination and deworming schedule with your vet that will best suit your puppies needs. Thank you and enjoy your new puppy!

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